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Team Classifications

USSSA Eastern PA and NJ Team Classification Process

In our continuing efforts to maintain a competitive balance in the various levels of play, USSSA Eastern PA and New Jersey is implementing a new process for team classification.

Over the past 3 years we have tried varying approaches to team classification in an effort to re-establish a 3-tier (A, B, & C) system of classifications.  The results of the 2019 reclassification's did indeed yield a much more level playing ground for all teams.

For 2020 we are looking to enhance, strengthen, and simplify the process, on the front end, for the 2020 season and beyond.

2020 Classification changes will be made between November 1st and November 5th, 2019 so that all teams will know their classification prior to registering for the Spring/Summer 2020 season.

In making changes at this time, we hope to avoid the mid-season reclassification's that tend to cause scheduling hardships for both teams and directors.  

As always classifications can change at any point during the year when it is apparent that a team fits better in a different class, be it higher or lower.  Thus as the winter/spring/summer season progresses we will continue to monitor teams to determine if future classification changes, up or down, are warranted.

Following are the guidelines that will be used in the classifications:

“C” Level teams

Since there is an upfront process to review a “C” team’s roster there will be limited to no team adjustments at this time.  If there is an adjustment it is based on performance in fall events.

“A” Level Teams

“A” level teams will remain at “A” level unless a request is emailed to the state office requesting a review to change status.  Any team registered as “Elite Select” must be registered as an “A” level team with USSSA.

“B” level Teams

10U – All 10U teams will be registered as “B” teams unless they are registered with “Elite Select” Events with 12 or more 10U teams participating will have bracket play split into a gold and silver brackets with awards for the winner and finalist for each level.

12U through 18U

If you are staying in the same age bracket (11U to 12U, 13U to 14U, and 15U to 16 is considered the same age bracket), these are the starting criteria for your classification:

  • If you were a C team the previous year, you must begin in B or higher.
  • If you were a B team the previous year, you must begin in A.
  • If you are moving up an age bracket these are the starting criteria for your classification:
  • If you were C team the previous year, you may begin in Class C.
  • If you were a B team the previous year, you must begin in B.
  • If you were an A team the previous year, you must begin in A.
  • In the event that your team does not remain intact and has turnover:
  • If you return 6 players from the previous season, you are subject to begin where your classification dictates.
  • If you return 5 or less, then you will be subject to begin in a classification based upon the player’s previous team

Keep in mind, if you team is a true first year team, you can register as 9u, 11u, and 13u, which can also expand the number of events a team can register for, including national events.