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World Series and National Event Requirements

To attend a National/World Series event, a team must earn a berth.

Below are the ways a team can qualify for a USSSA National Championship Event: 

​Host a USSSA event.

  • Place first or second in a USSSA Qualifying event (additional berths are given based on number of teams in the event).
  • Play in 4 USSSA events.
  • If a team earns 150 Points through USSSA participation they will be granted an At-Large Berth.
  • ​All teams are encouraged to participate in the State Championship event to prepare the team for the National event.
  • Teams in B or C classifications also need to play in required number of events to ensure they are properly classified for the National event.

​- B classified teams are required to play in 5 USSSA qualifying events prior to the National event.

- C classified teams are required to play in 4 USSSA qualifying events prior to the National event.