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Guardian Waiver Process Steps

Guardian Waiver Process Steps

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With the implementation of the Post COVID-19 Return-to-Play Guidelines and waiver, we wanted to touch base and provide some assistance and clarification on your Official Playing Roster.   Below are some illustrations to demonstrate the differences in your player and what steps they need to take to become Eligible and ready to play.
On your manager Dashboard, navigate to the current team you wish to work with and select "Manage My Players".
On your roster, there will be two tabs for players.  The first is your ELIGIBLE list of players.  The second is the PENDING list of players.
ELIGIBLE = Players are eligible to participate and have signed the waiver.
PENDING = Players that are not eligible, they have not signed the waiver.
For your online and public facing roster, only players that are ELIGIBLE will display.

Converting your Pending Tab Players to Eligible

To convert your players from Pending to Eligible will depend on where they current are in the Guardian process.  Based on where they are, here are the required steps and how you can help them along:

Player has a GUARDIAN

In this instance of a Player having a Guardian, these individuals will need to log-in with their existing Guardian account and agree to the Waiver.
You can tell they have a Guardian account attached to their player by the name above the Approved/NotApproved.
For these players the green "Approved" and yellow "Pending Approval" tab are not concerned with the Waiver.  These are in regards to the parents Approval of the Roster addition to the team.  THEY ARE NOT A DETERMINING FACTOR IN THE PLAYER BEING CONSIDERED ELIGIBLE.
In the case that the Guardian listed IS NOT the correct guardian, please contact your STATE DIRECTOR.  They can reset the player to NO GUARDIAN and then you can follow the steps below.

Player has NO GUARDIAN

For players that do not have a Guardian attached to their account, here are the steps that are needed for them to claim the player and set-up their Guardian account.
Manager needs to:
  1. Verify the email address for the player.
  2. Click the SEND INVITATION button on the player.
  3. Communicate to the individual that they do NOT have a guardian account and they are not having any log-in issues, and they will be receiving an email and to look for it.
This will trigger an email to the guardian.  If that individual does not receive that email within 24 hours, you will need to edit the email address and send it to a different one (some email providers block our domain).
Quick note for parents.  Just because they are receiving emails from USSSA does not automatically mean they have an account and guardian set up for their player.
Guardian needs to (once they receive the email):
  1. Click Link to claim player and set up their account.
  2. Set-up Account
  3. Approve Roster Addition
  4. After step 3, they will need to LOG IN with their account information previously set-up and agree to the waiver.
Once this is done the player should move to the Eligible tab on your roster.
For further information or questions, please contact your State Office.
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