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Sarec Sports - Official Travel Booking

Lodging Policy



USSSA EASTERN PA & NEW JERSEY requires all traveling teams to book their lodging with Approved Hotels either online or by telephone with our travel service. We have secured specially discounted rates with hotels in close proximity of the tournament site. Please read the important lodging policy information below! Our licensed and bonded travel partner provides reward points and additional incentives as part of our agreement. 

Benefits of using our Travel Partner; Sarec Sports Travel: 

• Guaranteed lowest rate available! Set up a Team Block or Rooms or make an Individual Reservation 

• Guaranteed cancellation with no penalty if tournament is cancelled due to weather related conditions 

• Online tournament specific booking site with multiple hotel brands. Search feature on the side bar always available 

• Receive Brand Reward Points 

• Dedicated USSSA Eastern PA/NJ team of agents who are available via telephone or email for assistance 

• It keeps teams together in one hotel, which in turn allows coaches the ability to hold team meetings or quick contact 

• It helps us to keep down your overall tournament registration costs. 

• If for some reason you don’t see your desired hotel on the list, let us know. We will contact them. 

All teams that book their rooms through the link provided on the event page at or our local website at will receive specially discounted rates that are lower than you can obtain directly through the respective hotel websites. Please; DO NOT CONTACT THE HOTELS DIRECTLY. Your team MUST be Registered for the tournament before booking your hotel stay. 

To book NOW click here Eastern PA New Jersey 

Payment options and personal information is collected by the Hotel ONLY that is booked on a secure server. Please Note: Any reservations booked through an outside third party provider (i.e., Expedia, Hotwire, etc.), booked directly with the hotel, or through any other method other than our travel partner will NOT fulfill the registration requirement. Our Goal is to ensure an excellent team experience for our traveling teams and our coordination with our lodging partners for room inventory control/management. Our travel partner is a major sponsor which provides a professional service; thus enabling USSSA Eastern PA & New Jersey to continue providing low team entry fees. 

LOCAL TEAMS: Teams within a 75 mile drive radius* that choose to commute to the complex each day is exempt from this lodging policy. However, if you plan to stay overnight, you are required to book your lodging through our travel partner. *Your team may qualify for a further discount by booking additional travel through our travel partner. 

ALTERNATIVE LODGING (Self Booking): If your team desires to stay outside of USSSA EASTERN PA. & NEW JERSEY Hotel Group (i.e. campgrounds, RV parks, with relatives, etc.), or otherwise do not wish to book through our stated procedures (i.e. using rewards points, discount clubs, hotels outside the USSSA EASTERN PA. & NEW JERSEY Hotel Group, etc.) then you have decided to make Alternative Lodging arrangements. However, please note, because of the considerations listed above, and because our revenue share with our lodging partners has been factored in and discounted from the tournament entry fees, any traveling teams that request alternative lodging may incur a lodging surcharge of: ($250.00) that will be added to your team entry fee and must be paid prior to your teams participation in the event. There will be a housing audit performed for each tournament. 

For additional information or questions, please contact our Travel Partner SARec Sports Travel: 


Phone: (888) 318-1376


Stay to Play FAQ's

Travel Policy - Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do We Need This Travel Policy? First and foremost, people want an affordable hotel rate. Our travel partner; Sarec Sports Travel negotiated Group room rates and provides multiple hotel brands for each of our tournaments. Sarec Sports Travel provides their “Low Room Rate Guarantee” to all USSSA PA-NJ teams! In addition, we understand that each coach wants his or her team to stay together in one hotel. We also know that when running a tournament that requires housing teams at hotels, double/double rooms are the most popularly requested accommodations for families and for groups of athletes traveling together. Our tournament housing service has worked to create blocks of double/double rooms in hotels convenient to the tournament location. These blocks of rooms will be divided up for different teams.

Can my team get a better rate from an Internet travel site?

Teams are not allowed to use 3rd party travel booking sites to compete in a USSSA PA East or NJ Tournament. With Sarec’s “Low Rate Guarantee” It is unlikely that you will be able to get a better rate; however, if you find a lower rate, contact Sarec Sports Travel at (888) 318-1376 and our agents will assist in matching the rate, once confirmed.

If I book rooms for my team separately, what happens?

Once your Team is Registered to compete in our tournament, please calculate the travel distance. If your team is traveling in more than 75 miles then you must must use our Travel Partner. All tournaments will be an audit for hotel rooming lists for violations.

Our team is already based in the city; in fact, all our team members live here. We won’t have to stay in a hotel, will we?

No, absolutely not. If your team is located in the city or if it is located at a distance that would allow you to drive back and forth, your participation in this program will be waived. Please be advised that the designated distance for driving is 75+ miles; if your team is located further from the tournament than that, you will be subject to the Stay-to-Play policy. Note: In order to receive a waiver, you will have to contact the Director’s office, Jeff Kittle, directly. You must do this 30 Days prior to the tournament start date.

One of my team members has told me he has a relative living in the area, and he and his family would like to stay with that person.

Please contact the Director’s office, Jeff Kittle, to discuss the possibility of a waiver in such circumstances. Or contact;

How does the process work?

The Team Manager/designated coach or team parent of each team needs to contact Sarec Sports Travel at (888) 318-1376 or by email at or simply log onto the Tournament Travel Booking Site located on the Tournament Information Page at Teams have a choice to Set up a TEAM Block of Rooms or they can instruct and direct their team families to the tournament specific Hotel Booking Site to set up their reservation. Note: It is essential that only one person from each team is designated as the Travel Contact. This avoids the confusion of several individuals within each team trying to contact the housing service at once.

We already contacted a hotel near the tournament location and arranged for rooms for my team. Can I keep these reservations?

No, this is a violation of the Stay-to-Play policy. If you are the main Travel Contact for your team, you must call the housing service immediately to arrange for a room block. You will have to cancel the reservations you made previously. There should not be a fee to cancel.

How do I know the housing service won’t lose my reservations?

The housing service is a professionally licensed and bonded travel company years of experience in arranging for lodging and all travel for tournaments and other events. They are very well-respected in their field and are a trusted part of the sports travel industry.

How do I get started with Sarec Sports Travel?

First, call the (888) 318-1376 or email Sarec Sports Travel at You will need to provide identifying information on your team and contact information for yourself as the liaison. SARec’s dedicated personnel will walk you through the process of getting your team’s reservation set up. We look forward to seeing you on the fields!